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Our Services

We provide a wide array of services, depending on our clients’ needs. In general, our services a business focused and have the goal of furthering the companies’ prospects in Asia or Europe.

1. Welcome & Country Introduction

From welcoming first-time visitors at the airport to the arrangement of accommodation, country introduction, sightseeing tours and visits of  cultural events, we can organise it for our members.

2. Business Centre

Our offices can be used by visiting members as a business centre. In addition to meeting space, we have communication and office equipment available for use. We are also able to arrange for outside meeting space, catering and translation services, etc.

3. Trade Show Services

We provide a list of trade shows in Singapore for our members and can book exhibition booth space for them. Furthermore, we are able to represent our members, organise joint presentations, print collaterals and collect trade show data.

4. Consultancy Services

We provide the following consulting services to our clients:

  • Trading Services, acting as trading partner and distributor for Asia-Pacific or Germany/Europe
  • Investment Services:
  • Marketing Services, branding services, brand audits and adaptation of brand to local needs
  • Business & company formation consultation
  • Industry sector research
  • Business partner search for joint ventures, distributors, licensed manufacturers, sales representatives etc.
  • Liaising with potential business partners and government agencies
  • Human resource services
  • Arranging of professional advice including legal, patent, taxation etc.

5. Trustee and Representation Services

We are able to act as our members’ trustee, as registered office and as non-executive local director.

6. Delegation Trips

Delegation trips are organised on demand.


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