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The BVMW in Singapore

The BVMW in Singapore is represented by a team of professionals with extensive experience in doing business in Asia-Pacific. We actively reach out to increase our regional business network with companies and service-providers from various industries, associations and government agencies.

We have experienced the challenges of developing an international distribution network and venturing into Asia. Our past experiences help us to understand the concerns of our members. Our objective is to provide excellent advice and facilities to members in the Asia-Pacific region.

We strive to provide you with the best service possible and as such partner with the best companies to serve you as good as possible. Find out more about our Partners.


Strategically located in the heart of Asia-Pacific, the island city-state of Singapore is the business city of choice. With its excellent business and social infrastructure, political stability and trade agreements with many of the world’s economies, it provides a premier platform to venture out into Asia. Its location, equidistant to Australia, China and India, gives it a strategic positioning as meeting point between East and West.

Singapore lies 137 kilometers north of the Equator and is with 693 square kilometers one of the smallest countries of the world. Its population of 4.5 million, of which about 900,000 are expatriates and their families, has the top education standards in the region. This results in a professional and highly skilled and efficient workforce. Having made it to the 17th wealthiest country in the world within two generations, it is thus not a surprise that in 2005 “The Economist” ranked the quality of life in Singapore as highest in Asia and 11th in the world.

Singapore has over 3 billion people, half of the world’s population, within a flight radius of 8 hours. This strategic location made it a melting pot of cultures, from its founding in 1819 by Sir Stamford Raffles until today. It has always been a free trade port where business can flourish between people from any background with a wide variety of products and services.


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